18 June 2008

Danielle Rose

danielle rose
tuscan open mic

Darth Vador with a Pina Colada
some Marijuana and the
Summertime Top Down –

voice larynx refluxed swirling
in waves of melodious musician
vibration guitar of marbled
pound cake abalone shared
between sisters(?).

Shared is always better, sinking
Acai Berry Tea. Not blue but
purple berry dark plum gradated
against white inside walled cup.

Reginaesque Spektator sounding
coffee music latte cup for purple
green tea. Can ‘I start over in a
place by the sea’?

Persimmon music maker
topped hair softly straight
in the ambient overhead.

Carefully unwrapping
aluminum burrito
unknown cover,
dreadlocked curiosity,
trench white coat uncertainty -

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