11 June 2008


Does anyone care? Do we need another zine? Aren't there enough narcissistic blog zines out in the world?

I say no.

So welcome fuckers to Heroin Love Songs, a brand new zine that has zero point other than to annoy and piss off those around us.

We will put poetry up, or short stories, or whatever it is we fucking like, and we like a great many things.

So send something to jackhenry951@hotmail.com.

- no more than three poems embedded into the email. short bio if you really must.
- don't expect to get in, be glad to get in.
- don't send me notes asking why or when.
- feel free to send pictures of monkeys.
- don't feel like you have to credit us anywhere else, or pimp us, or anything. some zines are underground, this one is under granite.
- if you get in you are relinquishing first time rights so I can post the goddamned thing, but it reverts instantly.
- no simultaneous, what are you lazy?
- this not a monthly, quarterly, timed thing in any way. if i get six or seven things, up they go.
- and you really have to ask what kind of poetry i like, you've never read my poetry, so you should wait until we post a couple of things before you get all pissy about style content.

am i missing something? yup, but i couldn't tell you what it is. feels incomplete. but fuck...let's roll this fucker up hill and see if we can make it half way there.

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