18 June 2008

Wayne Mason

wayne mason
kafka was right

Humans crawl
like cockroaches
through malls
and superstores

In and out of
factories and
cubicle cells

Down hectic
streets scavenging
for food, sex, dope
or salvation

staid suburbs
city centers
ghettos, gutters

Erecting buildings
to the heavens cuz
there is nowhere
to go but up

Days of plague
have been here
since man walked
across sun scorched
Serengeti plains

let there be god

Who God
Me God
You God?

Nah, God
but a dream
like me

Not here
nor there
a notion

7th day
man said
let there
be God
and poof!

The killing
hasn’t ever
stopped since

You see
God was
molded in
mans image

And not an
animal uglier
and meaner
than man

And nothing
can change that
not even
a rib

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