01 October 2008

luis cuauhtemoc berriozabal

wounded man

Like a wounded animal I walk.
Like a wounded man
I have been known to walk.
My aching flesh screams out.
Things seem to get from bad to worst.
I’m a crazy person.
The neighbors fear me.
They have never been on my side.
Like a wounded man I walk.
I’m like a crazy man.
I serenade my neighbors at two a.m.
I howl like a wolf outside their window.

magic book

I was sleeping on a bed
of nails. It felt all right.
I levitated just enough
to avoid being nailed.
I was all right. I learned
my magic from a book.
It had pictures, instructions,
and diagrams. Once I
learn to disappear I will
be everywhere I want
without being seen
just like a ghost. Once
I learn how to fly I will
buy a cape and call myself
Superman. I was thinking
of a trick where the rabbit
in the hat was an elephant
instead. A tiny elephant
I could hold in my hand
to show the audience once
I pulled it out of the hat.

begging money for food

I was walking outside
begging money for food.
I was not some crack fiend.
But the police told me
to get inside the car.

I know there is food here.
But look I’m not crazy.
I’m just a homeless man.
The medicine makes me
hungrier than before.

Out there I was free and
I was thin. I could touch
a rib bone. I had no
flabby skin like I have
now. When can I leave here?
I miss my outside friends.

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