01 October 2008

puma perl

atone for shoes and garter belts

I went to get my shoes
Shoemaker said go in the back
Find your shoes
I said then what's the ticket for
He said get out of my store
I said you better atone Friday
you nasty man
He said you're an anti-semite
I said I'm a jew gimme my shoes
and you better go to the water Friday
you nasty nasty man

I went to the water Saturday
Thought about my sins
Ancient acts of shame
Transgressions so offensive
as to deny me god's grace

My office is a mess (sloth)
I wish I had nice knees (envy)
Garter belts define me (lust)
Don't u know who I am (pride)
Find my fucking shoes (anger)
I have millions of shoes (greed)
millions of garter belts (gluttony)
wigs high heels black stockings (more lust)

cleansed I was in the east river park
rain washed over me as I left
went to victoria's secret and macy's
more shoes, more garter belts
I sin no more
I am in god's grace

what i’m gonna do

on my birthday
what i’m gonna do
drive a car
ride a bike
look at trees
play lou reed
wear a garter belt
eat bell peppers
write a page
salute the sun
stretch my back
change the sheets
smell the pillowcase
make up my eyes
paint black cherry nails
lie about my age
work the muscles
contract the pussy
dance slow
cum hard
sleep soft
wake up
thank god

strange beds

in strange beds
my soft red
hooded sweatshirts
comforts me

out of control
i stomp down
arizona avenue
i wear black boots
in the desert

other people’s houses
i am never nice enough
i try to change
i cook rice
and sautéed vegetables
i read too much
i don’t drink beer

lost in a complex
set between a highway
and distant lights
of strip mall civilization
zombies bake
in the jacuzzi
pick-ups parked
by the gate

my mask is melting
i reach for myself
my soft red
hooded sweatshirt
lays by my side

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