19 November 2008

george anderson

the dreamer
george anderson

Don’t tell anyone about my new book
Don’t tell them yet, man.

I’ve gotta organize stuff first
It’s gonna be like a franchise
Like Jim’s Mowing or Burger King.

I’m gonna merchandise the book
You know, there’ll be hats
A flag
A beautiful medallion for the reader.
They can put it around their necks
& connect with other readers on the street.
I’m even working on an anthem
To be sung by celebrities at my official book launches.

You’ll know I’ve made it big
When I come around in my black stretch limo.

But man, don’t think I’m doing this
Solely for myself
You know, I’m gonna set aside
Some money for writing scholarships
For the disadvantaged.

I just gotta ensure no one steals my idea
There’s plenty of con-artists/
Piraters out there

I’ve told no one about this-
Not even my wife.
You gotta promise me
You ain’t gonna tell no one, will yeah?

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