19 November 2008

jason ryberg

for the Little Sparrow of 39th Street
jason ryberg

Some people
seriously need

to step back and re-evaluate
their bass-ackwards

social fetishes and faux pieties

(always riddled, it seems,
with more than the daily

recompensable allowance

of escape clauses and hypocrisies
necessary to maintain
something even close
to resembling a consistent
moral continencey);
that demographic
that identifies itself (profusely,

ad nauseam-ly), as being the biggest

sky cult/death cult on the block,
endowed with hugest,
most massive
divining rod
and most righteously
and peripatetically engorged

with the divine right
to lay hands upon

who and whatever it so deems
as falling under its dominion
and domain
(which pretty much includes
everyone and everything)
as well as being
most morally fit
to ladle out the healing blood
and sweetbread stew
rendered from one of the many
one true gods
available to the terminally fearful
and estranged of the earth.
And all
with which to more
efficiently demonize,
and goddamn themselves
and each other,
to the unconscionable
and unthinkable
life sentence
of a life crippled
and traumatized

by the violent ain’t-intellectual insemination

of the virulent seed of guilt
and eternal suffering (as in
forever and ever
without end, amen)
for such abominable and
cosmic offenses

as lust, masturbation
and adultery.
why don't you all just repent,

reboot and

you sick fucks.

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