19 November 2008

melissa mann

mr happy
melissa mann

Last week
a year ago
(I forget)

I bumpedintosomeone
He was on the tip
of my tongue

Do I know you
(I said)
You seem
Have we met

He looked right at me
his skin shiny
with rainbows
and my insides

(I swear to God)
flipped right over
like I’d stepped off
a big curb or

I mean there I was
at the bus stop
minding this woman’s
business and

well you don’t expect it
do you
Not in a queue
waiting for the 46

Next thing
he touched me
on the cheek
right here

(or was it here)
Then he disappeared
leaving me alone
with my face

My fingers
lost in all that face
felt around for
a pinprick of wetness

a micro kiss
from someone
kind of nice

Someone kind anyway
from once upon a time ago
or twice
(I forget)

All gone
(said the woman)
Her son kept blowing
through the plastic ring

waiting for magic
to wrap skin
shiny with rainbows
round his breath

All gone
My tears rolled down
his face (I smiled

pulling his socks off
my feet
tiny socks with little
cartoon men running)

Yes last week
a year ago
(I forget)

I bumpedintohappiness
a perfect bubble
filled with nothing
but used air.

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