19 November 2008

misti rainwater-lites

adequate sopper upper
misti rainwater-lites

Spill the carnage at my feet. Bring
on the flood of blood.
Give me guts. Give me gore. I've got
a mop and a bucket.

I wear a skirt of rags. My tongue
is a sponge. I'm Raggedy Ann's
forgotten twin sister. She's famous
because her heart is pretty
and red and in the right place. I'm
stuck in the shadows because
my heart is sloppy and bluish gray
and not easily translated
into a ten cent Valentine. I'll take
all the shapes and colors
you don't know what to do with. I'll
absorb the seepage
you have no room for. I suck at
many things but
as a shamaness of slop I come
highly recommended.

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