19 November 2008

p.a. levy

mongolian blue spot
p.a. levy

Random acts of Mongolian;
skin marks wild with ancestral
sperm stains.

On the Steppes
perhaps there should have been
a poster campaign encouraging a safer sex
with indiscriminate acts of facefucking;
without genealogy

just the lure of khoomii voices
into the humidity of Buddhist sunsets
( … it’s often been said
painted lips make the mouth more vaginal
but you’d have to be a cunt
to believe that … )
and the slipstream of lipstick verses
in the bloodlines of my forefathers

never foremothers
which has made me wonder
in distant days
if they were sluts or whores
and whenever they saw a Mongolian
in the pub or at bingo there was some kind
of involuntary reaction
that made them drop their drawers
when they should have puckered-up
bit of lippy

for me to have been born
with my adopted English heritage
as an unblemished shade
of perfect pink.

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