19 November 2008

ryan snellman

sex and alcohol or was it alcohol and sex
ryan snellman

We talked about opening a bar in Key Largo
I'd first met her working the night shift
She was the girl of the other night owl
came out from Austin via San Francisco
Month later we were sharing classes
at the local junior college the ex complaining
of crotch rot Between classes we would hang
around the wall her smoking a cigarette me
drinking coffee The conversation would meander
touching nothing important When time allowed
we'd walk down the street eat something
at the diner drink a few in the bar Nothing
like eggs and screwdrivers after an early
morning class Every month or two she'd
talk about the new guy she was or wanted
to fuck Went to her place once and drank a
few beers
Couple of years later I went to Austin to
finish a masters degree Late at night I
wondered whatever happened to that girl
We talked about opening a bar in Key Largo

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