19 November 2008

willie smith

in free

Take the cigarette lighter. You really only fuck it once. Push it in. Say to yourself shit in. Wait sixty-nine secs – POP!

Remove glowing element. Flip same out window. Pull off on roadside. Snap off seat belt.
Slide over. Slip out of pants, no time to waste, no point doing this without socket hot as hot gets.

Since a hard-on is fatter than a cigarette, or even a Tiparillo, expect squeezing. Even more than took to achieve rigidity; although maybe didn’t take all that much, because cars erotic to begin with; cigarettes, too; kamikaze lust further rouses…

‘Til you become a Jap, because everybody is everybody’s masturbation fantasy; you no longer a Jewish American Prince diving an African wasp into the Indian web of a Chinese widow.
You are a 1945 Jap flying into the smokestack of a big-nose boat populating that one pink about to hurt so bad, so hot, so white – here it comes!

Allye allye in free!

In the beginning was the rebeginning, because it began already before.

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