19 November 2008

wolfgang carstens

wolfgang carstens

At the height of climax
In the embrace of death
I'm incensed
To sink my teeth into your chest
Tear away a chunk of flesh
Your scream

Fills my heart with unease
Enabling me to release
My disease into your womb

I don't know why I hurt you
Perhaps I'm a deviant soul
That feeds on the pleasure of pain
Without the sensation of your scream
I may never come again

As I lay in heat
Beside my cold, former flame
I have forgotten her name

I should get out of bed and leave
An outside breeze
Whisks her odor from beneath the sheets
And colors the air I breathe

I know that love is dead
I know that love is dead
I am repulsed by the sick fuck fantasy
Of the corpse that now shares my bed

Yet, a most loathsome creature
Betrayed by the blood
That surges through my veins
My cock begins to stiffen
And I mount her once again

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