11 February 2009

doug baldwin

The Resistance

i'm so fucked...
my men, blown
on cheap Mexican dope,
gambling and women.
spun, pinned and flipped,
and running in the streets like mad,
psychotic children,
amped on Pixie Sticks and Magic Markers,
the day after Halloween.

willing, but unprepared.
too horny to think straight,
too hammered to hold onto the rails,
as we roll down the swells.
they smell like goats
and expect command
to have all the fucking answers.

has anyone seen the new lieutenant?
i'll have gold clusters on her shoulders,
if she can get these fuckers to sit still.
and I'll pin a star on her tit,
if she can get them to the beach.

and i will personally have Annapolis
cast her in bronze,
if she can just fix this fucking mess.

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