11 February 2009

jaie miller


The Ensemble, Restricted - Blanche
transcending; vast layers: Political avec distortion
aujord'hui: Et saulting a mixture of the
spoken and the heard:
Amusing at first
her skull occurred six robots. In the other
direction, living beings enameled by darkness, chased
by shards of eternity. Hindered as though bought
under an unsung tree. Next to nooses:
Souls interrupt.

Dressed in liberation, a more soluble blue. what
is mind. Defense mechanisms painting democratic
allegiances - Believing in one thing sixty years, the rest,
more or less in direct communication with condensed
star gates. Mythic fabric -Agreed. Somehow revolutions.
Transferring Particles next
to nuance. After nuance. Giving names to things-
Speaking circles, The unaddressed shotgun: Priding a
demeanor -Slaughtered. Civilizing math within
a scope. choosing tears. as she centered the
universe. Head spinning. Ne religion. New religion.
Stop. The dark and the light dans her skull.
Agreed by choices.
Pointing at cages., Strange epilogues of thought. Diasporic
Deities. Dieting a rage enclosed - For women unsaid.
Paranoia defined.
And ready to die. Only in beginning.
Monologue long obelisks. In collision with the
sky. Far from where words are born extinguished.
Remembering when it was transferred.



[I like] to play with the fire in her eyes.
I feel like a fire weaver [who has] stumbled upon
Binary stars. [I write] in black.
[My] voice [has] no color
and her spirit echoes rainbows
across the footsteps of eternity.
The pathway to destiny.
Half way drunk on feelings
Caught in a web of mystery.
Intuition spinning [in me] a cocoon.
Soon to be set free. Unleashed
At last and finally.
The queen of Atlantis, probably. A dream of some kind.
What a thoughtful father. As seldom seen is such
a beauty..
..like a landscape arriving to perturbed eyes.
And I feel like Sufi now.
But they were self proclaimed
idiots, or twits. And loving you makes so much sense.

~The nectar of Jupiter dreaming and the Earth leaning this way
to catch the morning on her tongue.

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