11 February 2009

james darman

In the Best of Company

a lone blackbird caws-
against the rising sun;
then there is silence

i’m in the best of company-
alone w/ the sun and a black-bird

An Etcher Sketch of Days

winter sings its song -
carving the mountains with time;
a head full of dust

i’m at home in this moment – deep in wine;
dozing off into nothing: beneath the evergreen

The Eggshells and Birds of Winter

resting in fresh snow-
a footstep is soon buried;
sparrows never sleep

there are eggshells in the driveway today-
grief strikes; a skull splits: winter gives way to spring

Spring is for Flowers

drunk on winter’s wine –
a sparrow slips under doors;
snow clings to my coat

spring is for flowers – today
i have the sparrows and this coat

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