11 February 2009

maria gornell

An Ode to Smoking

I crave you like a lost lover
Chewing on pumpkin seeds
To trick brain receptors
I am immune to you..

My lungs can breathe
Free of toxins,
My skin is glowing
I haven’t gained weight
I suck on sugar free mints
Intensely like I was giving
The best blowjob
You ever did see.

My eyes are sparkling
With new mischief,
Feelings no longer repressed
Bouncing, kicking with
New energy,
I feel alive.

My teeth are back to
Hollywood smiles,
(I wish)
Years of abusing you
Have taken their toll,
But I’m days
Weeks, months,
Years closer
To not being
A victim of
Your disease.

I miss you
Seductive smoke
Reaching my nostrils
Inhaling you
Then slowly sinking
Away from stress,
Your smell is now
Like the body of
My ex lover,
Hated with venom
Yet carrying
A wicked substance
It takes all my will
To fight.

I loved you
But its time
To say

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