11 February 2009

rob plath

The Go-Ahead

i got a rejection slip
from an editor

it read:
"these poems do not
suit our needs, but please
feel free to submit them
other places"

& thanks for the go-ahead
to shove them
up yr asshole
but they won't
fit b/c it's as
tightly closed
as yr little mind

The Forbidden Brown Fruit

maybe the tree of knowledge
was really a few of god's ass hairs
sprouting out of the center of Eden
& matted together w/his cosmic shit
& the fruit was the almighty's dingleberries

& the first pair of people
plucked one
popped it in their mouths
& swallowed
& we've been
full of it
ever since

You Hypocrites

what if you found out
that god was wanted
in another universe
for mass murder
that he was put
in witness protection
in this section of space
b/c he ratted out
some lesser cronies
& now is existing
under the alias of
"the almighty"
would you defend him
just b/c he made the trees
mountains & flowers
& the sun rise etc...
you probably would
you hypocrites ...

Beautiful Impossibilities to Daydream About

i want to juggle
my brain, my left femur
& my spleen

i want to head-butt
christ on the cross
& get a real taste
of the spikes

i want to give the pope
a waistband ripping

i want to jump rope
w/an unlooped
hangman's noose

i want to make
a colostomy bag puppet
& go around making it
scream: "everybody's full of shit
except me!"

i want to dye a rainbow
jet black
& put a bear trap at
the end of it

i want to melt all
the guns in the world
down & fashion
hash pipes

i want god to wipe
the asses of everyone
in every nursing home
on the planet

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