11 February 2009

samantha ledger


Do not include me
in your wayward fondling.
I was rampant beneath these sheets
your hands shifted towards my warmth.
Swarming about a fragile frame -
blame riddled bone shafts
hollowed out until concave -
brittle chips hips

I am Electra.

I dance naked underneath the moon
cold - blue skinned.
Slimmed to starved I am consuming
self centered cells -
melded maligned to divinity.
Your overwhelming urge to claim
girls as your own blood
floods my mouth

I am drowning.

Let me lay silent in your arms
as you pander the ample curve
of flesh.
Beneath shallow breath I am leaving
you cannot contain me.
Free I shall slip from your embrace
with grace I shall leave.

I am your biology

Bound with fists and flushed passion
fashioned from Freud’s own text.
Watch me I am burning -
ash lifting into blood red skies
I am spread sprawling bawling
spawning a multitude stillborn lies.

I am my own complex

I am Electra

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