28 July 2008

felino soriano


Tell me time, the innate proclamation
of invisible visual requirement of
hour mouth opening excreting language
of birth, rising of mauve tone
intertwined with visual
horizon too near
to verbally touch with
specific forgotten
laughter of the mind's
explosion imagery.


Against the mind, huge gloved in
well fitted reason, havoc performs
its birthright, its predetermined definition
worded, glamorized within the romantic angle
alerted by society, rubbing off a jagged edge
close enough to yank its sharpest fang.

Mind mayhem decomposes
sensatory blind explanation. Via
neo-literature found without the act
which sound reading once designed its

Television replaces with cultural
happenstance clear paths with mazed
confusion creating uncritical thinking
abilities, the monotonous with the
unblinking eyes unwavering.

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