28 July 2008

rose morales

love's sweet song

I need a little pain
to get me through the day.
Please leave the hugs and kisses
to the namby pamby throngs.
Love means
a kick in the groin
sharp and quick;
but make it last.
Because two hard rights
can never make a wrong.

Feed me monkey brains
in a heart shaped box,
intestines stored
in a tarnished gold locket.
Weave worms and roaches
through my filthy hair;
put leeches in my
empty pockets.

Tell me you hate me
and make it stick.
I find it the most passionate poetry.
Use only curses to tell of repulsion
and I will be putty in your hands.
There is no need for subtlety.

I hate sweet nothings
and colorful foreplay;
just give me the hard parts,
let love flow
down the drain.
When all becomes a ceaseless drone
and I can hardly stand it,
well, stop a second,
turn me over,
and start it all again.

My love will last
through death and birth;
I treasure you;
you slimy, filthy beast.
What I crave is not
what others want the most,
but rather, what the sane
would only want
the least.

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