28 July 2008

tim kucharski

back alley parliament

The day I walked the same menacing path
Without realizing
Who I am
Or what harm can befall me
Was the day
I knew I made it
A graduation of sorts
Albeit the roughest kind
No longer tangled in fear
I was now seated in the inner circle
Of the knuckle dragging hooligans
Hitting first
Expected out of every encounter
Here I now traveled
In the blanket of nightfall
Against the thrashing sound of the el
Shaking the alleyway with its vibrating chorus
Grinding the debris with boot step
And not a soul to cower to
Yeah Ma this is me
I’m not the victim in pain no more
I even scored
Down the dimly lit path
To now go and take on the world
Without cares
Cuz there are none
Who can steal this vision

post mortem 2

I’m writing this now
Cuz I wont be able to later
They stick a tag on my toe
Slide me in a drawer
What the hell just happened?
I was playing cards
Then I took a drive
It all happened so fast
It’s funny when it hits
Pain is the last thing you feel
Shock overwhelms
That bright light they talk about?
Every image flashing at once
Your card being pulled
Your battery shutting down
I think I was a good man
I think I did the best I can
Aw hell
To late for any of that nonsense
It was a thrill every last minute

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