01 October 2008

marie gornell

heroin dance

She was your funny
Funky rough as dime
2 cent scheming whore
You loved her more
Than me.

Chased her shadow
Around and around
Proud to be second best
Sloppy seconds,
Trisha drug fuelled whore,
You adored the chase
She bore you
Heroin induced sun dance.

Cold turkey
Had you hooked
Sink line and hooker
Fantasy preferred to
Reality of broken
Backed hag
With painted face
Of clown
Laughing all the way
Down phones..

Then little miss naïve
You thought you had
To save
Comes pretty and moody
Have to chase her away
Talking to much sense
Making you feel drenched
In big scary reality,
Its written on walls
Tearing his balls
As they drip and weep
Resigned again
To porn and heroin whores,
Who the fuck did you
Think you was messing with

On the contrary
You set me free
Opened my eyes
Realised my potential
Awakened my sexuality
Set me straight on goals
And roads I’m skipping
Through hoops
High on heart broken
Saved from hell
Getting on regardless well,
I miss you
But not sure why,
Maybe your funny valentine
Could explain the game
Your like a fix
Of danger induced fits
Too much of a hit
For me..

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