01 October 2008

michele mcdannold

who died and made you a shoe

the bird is singing
the beauty is in the air
is in the still
is in your pants
but you’re ED
ashamed to buy a little blue pill
called Roxie
down the street
in the wrong bar
is the right girl
she has no teeth
but will tell you there’s a sunnyside

animals, every one of us

there’s a lady living all over town
in dumpsters
by eight pieces of body parts
all found but her head
it’s at this point i wonder
if i might be in over my neck
a small town girl moving to the city

in the small town
we keep our crime quiet
handle it ourselves
or completely ignore it
to the detriment of generation
after generation
wife beating
child molesting
occasional theft or
vandalism, drugs
nobody on the outside needs to know
unless of course
someone breaks out
moves on
then it usually goes
one extreme or the other
a victim
- like that lady
or a victimizer

question is...
which one am i?

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