19 November 2008

karl koweski

free beer
karl koweski

the ad read
followed by a street address
downtown near
United Methodist
below that in tiny script:
now that I have your attention
come join us
in celebrating god’s grace
coffee and donuts provided

Wes never got below
the first line
he sat on a folding chair
among the
bright-eyed believers
and the
bleary-eyed drunks
for forty-five minutes
chewing on
stale, glazed donuts
listening to the young preacher
practice bible quotes
as the realization
the free beer had as much chance
of materializing
as god, himself
slowly dawned on him

what did you expect?
I asked
once he finished his story
who would give away
free beer?

it sounded plausible
Wes shrugged
I thought it might have been
a local brewery
taste testing
a new flavor of microbrew
or something

and I know
when the ad runs in next week’s paper
Wes will be there
holding down a folding chair
in that small un-air-conditioned room
holding out the one slim shred of hope
this time
there’ll be a man
passing out paper cups
brimming with raspberry peach ale
rather than
the same jackass
promising eternal

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