11 February 2009

felino soriano

Anomaly to the Blind

The blue with gray specks of glittering echoes
bounced from diagonal certainty, this certainty called
light at which a time the morning was fully
stretched into its positional escape,
moon's nocturnal noose loosened.
The specks if the eye with proper
attention, if the eye away from attempt at
spacing neglect from their proper purpose
would see the body-shape reflect nuanced
stillness. Only the rare and deprogrammed
can read and ascertain the language of the
typically unseen, the system for the eyes
whose vision can determine tainted
vernacular, specialized purposes.


The streaking fluidity
only seen by the tamed and otherness
facing askew, away from what the human must
constantly name through false proclamation,
rename if interpretation erases itself
in the name of attempting to find exactness.
Toward this understanding then
angled within a specialized hand
the angular
gliding skylark performed nothing negative,
an anti posit of behavior within a spectrum
again of what the human must assign,
document against stone.

Identity, Mistaken

Why the cornerstone for language,
identifying a concept as a being, word,
a thing of man's manipulating mind?
Man then turns atop an unplanned version
of what is now visible, reinterprets
the outline, the skeletal surroundings
and is now deemed worthy to assign
new existence, different shade of
snaking breath.

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