11 February 2009

darryl salach

Lick My Balls Clean

I’m tired of your indecent exposure, craving new misery
your descent is televised for the masses to see on cable television
cover up those artificial sweeteners you call tits
and answer the door on your way out, I celebrate your esophagus

leave the plastic in the dumpster baby and give my regards to
the heavenly father that you so disparage, raped is your tact
shake your tree a little more discreetly, you’re no salt in my earth
skunk breath and the nicotine freaks control the avenue tonight.

your Madonna inspired personification is sacrificing this profession
of integrated inaccessible superstars, artists creating their own crucifix
hanging around in heroin closets unheard, spiritual entertainment disguised as a monster
with a smile, the brute is loose and willing to kiss your every charm goodbye.

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